My Hallelujah

Easter Flowers CrossThe day before Easter Sunday, I was cleaning the house, and found a small wooden cross I made when I was a kid, in Methodist Youth Fellowship.  I had a live music gathering that evening (called a “jam”), and we had a grand time.  Up to and even past midnight.  Easter Sunday dawned…..early.  I had set the cross in a conspicuous place, feeling like I might want to do something special with it.  After my first cup of coffee (maybe it was the second), I took the cross and walked outside.  I headed to my favorite church, the woods, God’s Garden.  The little cross felt like it would be at home with the spring flowers.  It was.  And to add to the special, I resurrected (good one!) a spiritual song, My Hallelujah, which was originally just me playing guitar and singing, and added some harmony parts.  The Song of the Week.  For the Master.  Who mastered giving, and forgiving.

Hear the song, here:


About John Paul McNeil

New to blogging. New to being retired (my daughter says I retired too early). I say not soon enough, as so much music was waiting to come out. Thoughts which turn to poems which turn to songs. The Earth is one rich theme. But also want to theme this search for where the Music, and the Words, and the Songs come from. And go.
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