Kindness, and Kids, and Blogs

   Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, Oh, My!  Not as scary as that.  Certainly not kindness, just the opposite in fact.  Kids can be kinda scary, but if you treat ’em with plenty of, you guessed it, kindness, it usually turns out fine.  Now blogs…..well, I think they would hopefully respond like the kids usually do.  That’s what I’m countin’ on.  And already experienced.   A very uplifting and kind blogging experience here lately.

Blogsters can also be tricky, tryin’ to make you follow them.  Some will take all the followers they can get, but though they get you to visit them by following you, they really have no intention of continuing.  A real clue is to see if they respond to you thanking them for their “follow”.  Not a Follow Fisher.  But this aint about them, it’s about them that aint….Follow Fishers.  It’s about a real warm hearted honest human being who happened to chance upon my blog, and we now follow one another.  Like friends, like neighbors, though she is in Canada.  I know her as Jocelyn, and she writes about the lovely Pacific Northwest, and her home and young family, and recipes that she loves.  But we all get busy, and sometimes forget to check on one another, and she was just so sweet and complimentary and real in her comment on catching up with me on my post just prior.  Feb. 28 comment from “lytlejoc” on “Wait In The Darkness”.  Sure made my day….week even….maybe month.

Well, this post is dedicated to her, and her kindness.  I wanted to give her something, but what?  We both love our kids (no, I am not sending her my kid….she is too big now to ship anyway!)  A song.  A song from when my daughter was leaving home for college, with all her Southern Angel dreams.  And lots of clothes.

Oh, yeah, the song is a free download on Bandcamp, a new site I just put some of my tunes on.  A rather simple site, but kind of elegant and effective I think.  Please at least check it out and let me know.  Thanks!  This song continues the Original Song a Week for a Year thing I am doing.  Song on!

John Paul

Hear it is (hope it warms you, Joc)

ps- I have made some other true blog friends as well, like Kerry, Cyranette, Cookie, and Pigeonheart.  I appreciate each of them as well.  Just that Joc’s comment came at just the right time, in just the right way.


About John Paul McNeil

New to blogging. New to being retired (my daughter says I retired too early). I say not soon enough, as so much music was waiting to come out. Thoughts which turn to poems which turn to songs. The Earth is one rich theme. But also want to theme this search for where the Music, and the Words, and the Songs come from. And go.
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6 Responses to Kindness, and Kids, and Blogs

  1. lytlejoc says:

    I am checking in on you after far too long a gap in time (a whole year! I’m thoroughly ashamed of myself), and you cannot imagine the overwhelming sense of honor and humbleness I am filled with after reading this post and listening to your beautiful song. As usual, I had let life get in the way of living and haven’t blogged in a long time (although I have started another blog with one of my sisters). I could blame my life filled with childrearing and house moving (since I’m about halfway through my second pregnancy and living in my new house), but that’s no excuse at all for not keeping tabs on you, my most loyal follower and very favorite blogger. How scatterbrained I can be.

    I was very sorry to read your last post about your Dad’s passing and although it was almost a year ago, I’m sure you’ll accept my very belated sympathies. How wonderful for you that you had so many years with your father who sounded like he was a truly extraordinary man, and how fortunate for him to have been surrounded by such love and strength in his last days.

    I wish I had something more to pass on to you than these few words, but how does one reciprocate the dedication of an original song?? I can only send you my comment and hope that you know that despite my long silence, I did think of you and wonder how you and your family were doing. I send to you a corner of my heart; you’ve more than paid for it just by being your warm and incredible self.

    Joc xo

    • No need to apologize, Joc. Your comment is so heartful, and welcome, it was worth waiting a year for it! I looked back at my blogging here, and I was fairly active until Sept 2012…when Dad came here for me to care for. Then nothing for the 4 months I had him with me. Then when he went into the nursing home Jan 2013, I did get back into the blog for a few months. But nothing much after his passing last July 4. I had even forgotten about the Original Song of the Week thing, until just recently. Should I crank it back up? Dunno. It has been a long process, the loss and grief. And last Christmas, the first one without either parent. But both of them had long, productive, and loving lives. And mine goes on, with very fond memories and much gratitude towards them.

      You havnt been doing much with your blog either. Doing more with your sister? Lemme know where I can find that. It is very fine to reconnect with you. Your comment is so precious! I remember the childrearing days…and understand. Perhaps we can find more time now to stay in touch. I see your email above. I will send you a more personal note there. I am not too sure about all this “everything out there for all to see” social media stuff. I continue to do my songwriting and recording, I love it, but obviously am unsure how to “market” it, get it “out there”. What, and where is “out there”? Hmmmm, song material, that. Thanks again, what a delightful surprise to hear from you! My very best to you and yours! John Paul

      • lytlejoc says:

        Yes, please do send me an email! I am much, much better at keeping up with people that way. And I know what you mean about the social media… I tend to let a fair amount be visible on my blog and facebook, but when all is said and done, we all need a little bit of mystery! I feel like the blogging world is often like shouting into an abyss, but that’s not always the case.
        As for my new blog, you can find us at It is mostly housekeeping/crafting tips that we often deliver around our tongues which are lodged firmly in our cheeks. 🙂
        Looking forward to hearing from you.

        • I just sent you an email…more later. I will check out your new blog…soon (er) than a year! Love the name, BTW. I agree, blogging kinda feels like an abyss. And FB, like, uh, like something out of dream (the nightmare variety). Enough social media bashing….no, actually, I enjoyed it. You have, however, inspired me to be more productive…and hopefully positive. I’m positive.

  2. Cyranette says:

    Long distance hug for you, John Paul. 🙂

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