Earth Poem Fest 29th Poem

My daughter Erin was born on May 1.  May Day.  Much Earth energy and history around May Day (you know what to do….Google!).  Not to mention childbirth (ask any mother).

           I LOVE YOU         ©  John Paul McNeil   

I’ve heard some talk about me and you  

They say we”re gonna quit and change our tune, It’s just words but they can cause us pain  

Trickle down in pools like rain Only matters how you fill them up  

And what you drink when the sun comes up.

They say the river’s gonna change its course (I Love You)  

It’s just a matter of time of course (but I Love You, ILY) Ashes to ashes, dust to dust   Iron’s tough and iron rusts

Although the mountains and the seas collide   I”ll be waitin’ on the other side

Sometimes this world’s like a crazy game(but I Love You,ILY)  

 Here is something that will stay the same (I Love You, LY) Games are games but they can be absurd  

Cross our hearts, cross out words, Here is something that is crystal clear   I Love You ”til the games disappear.

Doors may open, doors may close (but I Love You, ILY)  

The summer sun may turn dark and cold (I Love You, LY) ‘Round and ’round we spin and dance  

We take our turn, take our chance, Others come and disappear  

My love for you is always here             I Love You 

                    Happy Birthday Erin!!!!!!

Erin is now 32.  And always my May Queen.  I wrote this song when she was a teen, and we were going through some “funk”.  Of course, you never went through funk with your teen, right?  Right.

To hear this song/poem, go to:


About John Paul McNeil

New to blogging. New to being retired (my daughter says I retired too early). I say not soon enough, as so much music was waiting to come out. Thoughts which turn to poems which turn to songs. The Earth is one rich theme. But also want to theme this search for where the Music, and the Words, and the Songs come from. And go.
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3 Responses to Earth Poem Fest 29th Poem

  1. Cyranette says:

    Ahhh, John Paul, that’s what makes me feel at home – you’re a songwriter with a very nice voice. Heard your songs on SongU. Thank you very much…

  2. Cyranette says:

    Ahhh, John Paul, there’s nothing like a songwriter…Thank you for your songs/poems.

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