Earth Year Poem Fest 5th Poem

Methinks I shall go back to a poem put to music, that is, a song.  The post just prior to this, Comfort, was a touch on the rant side.  My apologies.  This one is more a touch of lament, and a plea, and a prayer.  Come Home.  It is also a music video at:  

Come Home              © John Paul McNeil

As I was driving down, down

The endless highway

Somewhere in my private night

I felt, I heard someone crying

Crying out

For Her life. (and she said)


“Raise your voices, all together

Let your Kingdoms come

In the sun and heavy weather

Come Home”


Oh, the night lay still

Still before me

Like a sleeping bird of prey

So I wept, and I ran

To my brothers

There we prayed for the light of day.


And we raised our Voice together

Let the Kingdoms come

Be it sun or heavy weather

Come Home


Light your candle

In the fire-winds of time

Sing your message clear

With heart and hope and find

Heaven’s wind within the waves

The wire and the wheel

Sing the Kingdom back into your Soul

Deep inside until


You’re home at last, Son

On wings of hope

A path so straight

You’ll feel, you’ll be

So alive now

You’ll be standing at the Garden Gate.


About John Paul McNeil

New to blogging. New to being retired (my daughter says I retired too early). I say not soon enough, as so much music was waiting to come out. Thoughts which turn to poems which turn to songs. The Earth is one rich theme. But also want to theme this search for where the Music, and the Words, and the Songs come from. And go.
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